Confused about your court ordered immobilization?

May be we can HELP!


What is the difference between "immobilization" and "impoundment"?

To put it in simple terms:

  • immobilization: comes to where the vehicle is located. It renders the vehicle inoperable with the help of an anti-theft device (usually a small side-tire lock or a steering wheel lock). Some counties may also take physical possession of the license tag and registration.

  • impoundment: You bring the vehicle to an impound lot/storage facility. The impound provider exercises physical possession of the vehicle by storing it at its location.

Both times, it is important to stress that, the control over the operation (driving) of the vehicle, is taken away from the registered owner, for the term period mandated by the court.


Why does it cost up to 50%* less to use vs. the other immobilization agencies?

We understand that you have many choices in choosing your immobilization service provider. Keeping our prices up to
50% less* then other agencies gives an edge. We hope you keep that in mind when making your decision and choose us!

Does posses all of the proper license requirements, required by the State of Florida?

We take great strives in making sure that all of our license requirements are up to date.
We understand that because, the immobilization is a part of your court order and/or probation, it must be done legally on all levels.

If at any point, you think that might not posses all of the required licensing, please bring it to our attention immediately.
In addition, if the immobilization is performed, and a problem arises due to an improper and/or insufficient license requirement, we will gladly perform the service again at no extra charge or present you with a full refund.

All this is a part of our HASSLE-FREE 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

What makes different from all the other DUI immobilization companies?

Your satisfaction is our number one priority. We promise you that we will strive to provide you with very best service along with the very best possible price we can offer, at all time. Our deep discounted prices are up to 50%* below most of the other DUI immobilization companies' prices.

Plus, don't forget about our HASSLE-FREE 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

I need to use my vehicle and cannot spare any time. If I purchase the service from, but do not have the time to immobilize my vehicle, can I still get the completed paperwork?

We are sorry, but the law clearly states that the vehicle has to be immobilized for the period assigned by the court, in order to complete your court ordered immobilization requirement.

A receipt showing that you made the payment, and the service has begun will be issued to you at the start of the immobilization.
Your completed immobilization form will be provided to you after the immobilization service is completed.

Do I need to have insurance and/or registration during the time my car is immobilized?

During the actual time of the immobilization, having insurance and/or registration is not required by us.
We ask that you provide us with the registration or title in order to confirm the vehicle belongs to you. We also use the information provided to complete your immobilization form.


Does perform 90 day immobilizations?

We perform 10/30/60/90 day immobilizations. If you need to have your vehicle immobilized for a different amount of time, please give us a call at (904) 404-9384.

Does immobilize boats and/or motorcycles?

Motorcycles YES - ABSOLUTELY.

Boats NO - Unfortunately not at this time.

What if I cannot be there on the assigned date to have my vehicle unlocked?

If for some reason, you are unable to be there on the assigned date to have your vehicle unlocked, please call us and let us know as soon as possible. Failure to do so may result in an additional fee. Usually, that fee is based on a per day basis and/or the amount of extra/repeated trips we have to make to the vehicle location.
Normally, we charge about a $20 fee for an each extra visit to the vehicle location (two visits to lock and unlock the vehicle are included in each service).

If you still have questions, do not be afraid to ask. You may email us directly through our Talk To Us page or call us at (904) 404-9384.

I have arranged the immobilization service for a specific date but now I have to change it. Is that possible?

Please call us as soon as possible to change your assigned date of the immobilization. Once you arrange the time for us to be at the vehicle location, and then miss your appointment without letting us know, we may charge a $20 fee for an extra visit.

I have to complete my court ordered immobilization by a certain date, but I have waited to long! What now?

At the start of your immobilization period, a receipt will be issued, showing that your immobilization service has begun. The receipt will clearly state the start/end dates of your immobilization and the amount you have paid for the service.
You may use that receipt as proof, that your court ordered immobilization has begun.
If you do not think that you will be able to have your court ordered immobilization completed before the required date set by the court, please call your probation officer and/or court official and explain your situation.
Usually, they will be able to help you out, and advise you further on the matter.

A filled out immobilization form will be issued to you after your vehicle has been unlocked and you have completed your court ordered immobilization.

I have an emergency, and I have to have my vehicle unlocked before my assigned release date. What happens now?

You may call us at any time to have your vehicle unlocked. There is no charge for early termination of the service.

However, because this constitutes a break in the time frame of the immobilization, we cannot issue you a completed immobilization form. It is part of the law, as enacted by the State of Florida.

You will have to start your court ordered immobilization all over again, when you are ready.

Furthermore, because the vehicle is unlocked early, per your request and at no fault of ours, no refund will be issued.

I lost the completed immobilization form and/or receipt issued to me. Is there a way to get another copy?

YES - ABSOLUTELY., keeps records for up to 3 years, on each court ordered immobilization performed.
The 3 year requirement of record retention is imposed on all immobilization agencies, as enacted on July 1, 2009 by the State of Florida.

If you ever require a copy of your immobilization form and/or receipt, please contact us. A minimal fee may be charged for retrieval and postage.

My probation officer and/or court official wants to know more about Who should they contact?

We try to keep the lines of communications open at all times, with all law enforcement and government officials. If your probation officer and/or court official needs more information, please direct them to our website. constantly updates our rules and procedures.

They may also email us directly through our Talk To Us page or call us at (904) 404-9384.

Does really provide a HASSLE-FREE 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE?

If you order the service through us, the immobilization is performed, and a problem arises due to an improper and/or insufficient license requirement, we will gladly perform the service again at no extra charge or present you with a full refund.
Simply call us at (904) 404-9384, and we will arrange the best way for a refund.

This is part of our HASSLE-FREE 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

* All percentage discounts are an approximation (based on a minimum of $100 per 10 days, $200 per 30/60 days & $300 per 90 days asked by most immobilization companies), and are subject to change without notice